Love, The Moore Family

Every Christmas becomes more special.  And it seems that each year I say “this is the most special Christmas yet”, only to discover that the next one is even better.  Blessed doesn’t earthly explain the blessings that are our family and friends and the life that God is guiding us through.  My great-grandmother has celebrated her 101st Christmas, my grandparents are healthy and so are my mom and step-dad, this is our first Christmas with my nephew, my brother-in-law home from deployment, and we are celebrating that we will add another member to our family next year.  That’s right, another Baby Moore will be making his/her way this July.  My husband’s parents are healthy and visiting with the Moore side of the family always consists of food, plenty of drinks (none for me this year [insert inconsolable crying emoji]), and lots of laughter from Karter and our nieces running around the house.

It is amazing to stick to family traditions and make our own in the process.  Each year is cherished only knowing that the next one will be even better.

So from our family to yours, Merry Christmas.

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